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Jose CasanovaHi! My name is Jose Casanova (Yes that’s my real name!) and I am a full stack developer, author, & entrepreneur.

I’ve had many successes in my short career:

– Partner at White Owl Publishing, a publishing company that publishes Kindle ebooks. 80+ ebooks released.
– I also provided marketing consulting to Loop Pay which helped the company raise over $120k on Kickstarter. Loop was acquired by Samsung in 2015.
– Authored two books before I turned 25 years old, one on day trading and another on growth hacking (top 100 in marketing on Amazon when it was released).
– Ran a profitable long/short managed accounts fund trading equities.
– Taught myself how to program

Long story short, I have experience in building profitable businesses, software development, publishing and marketing. This blog is for me to share my thoughts on anything I find interesting, which can range from life hacking, marketing, tech, book reviews publishing to business stuff.

The press has featured me on:

– Business Insider: http://read.bi/Qi3Ufa
– Fast Company: http://bit.ly/1eVtswA
– Gizmodo: http://bit.ly/1aMtIyM
– Time Magazine: http://ti.me/NLyx1k

Books + Courses I’ve Authored:

Growth Hacking – A How To Guide On Becoming A Growth Hacker
– Understanding Time & Sales
Udemy Course on Reading The Tape
The Rise of the Full Stack Entrepreneur

When I’m not working I like to:

– Ride bike + work out
– Building Launching Products [See menu bar]
– Reading books that provoke thought
– Writing book reviews
– Hacking anything
– Doing the unconventional
Track everything I do

Connect with me:

– Facebook